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The groups you selected as your favorites

The songs you selected as your favorites


The Doo-Wop Jukebox Hall Of Fame is dedicated to the best songs of the doo-wop era.   While many song lists have been created over the years, each of these lists is only just that ... a "list".    The Doo-Wop Jukebox Hall Of Fame is an attempt to go one step further, to create not only a list of songs but to build a framework around each song and put the song in context.  

Each song is presented for your listening enjoyment along with information about the performers, including personal accounts by people who have seen the group perform.   We hope this approach helps visitors to experience and understand this music .... vocal group harmony which flourished in the 1950s and 1960s.

Songs were selected by a select group of members of The Doo-Wop Jukebox Forum and are ranked in groups of 25 for ease of presentation and to reflect popularity of the songs.

We hope you enjoy our effort to honor the songs of the Doo-Wop era and hope you will help this great music live on.


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